Friday, September 9, 2011

Justin Furstenfield :)

Justin Furstenfield is the lead singer of my favorite contemporary rock band, Blue October. They have a really amazing, beautiful and original sound and if you've never listened to them I highly recommend them. Justin has always inspired me because he uses his hardships in his life for his work and channels them into this positive activity. Blue October's albums show his fury, frustration, depression, and bi polar disorder.

If you listen to their songs, each of them tells a different story. It's incredible <3 Their newest album came out on August 16th, and it's called Any Man in America. The songs are mostly about Justin's ex wife and his young daughter. If you've never listened to it, do it.

Other really good albums by them include:

  • Approaching Normal

  • Foiled

  • The Anwsers (Their first album)

  • Consent To Treatment

  • History For Sale

Check them out!


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