Monday, November 28, 2011


If I was the last person on this planet, and I could only have one person there with me, it would be you <3

This is my sister Mary, the greatest person I know. We have the best times together, we're always laughing and making the dumbest jokes, and I thank God for her everyday. I know most people don't really get along very well with their siblings, but quite honestly she is my absolute best friend and I wouldn't have made it through life without her =] I love you Mary, I hope you read this :D


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Are some things unforgiveable?

I love you so much, and you ARE sorry.

And I know for all the times you've hurt me, there were times when I hurt you as well.

So it is kind of hypocritical for me not to forgive this.

When you love someone, you accept them, flaws and all.

I forgive you.