Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day.

I know New Years resolutions are usually crap; no one ever follows through with them or does anything to change their lives, but I thought it would be fun just to blog about some Iwould really, really like to actually happen.. Not sure if they will, but who knows?

  • Find peace with my religion. (A lot of views and opinions of mine have changed.. and I want to find happiness with the church I go to.)

  • Kill the monster. (Fight the overshadowing depression and anger that I keep inside.)

  • Actually do well in school this semester. (The first half of my senior year completely went to crap.)

  • Obsession (Deal with the conflicting, confusing feelings in my heart dealing with a couple different people.

  • Work. Hard. (I just got my second job, granted it's at a fast food place, but it's a job nonetheless and I want to succeed with it. I start training tomorrow =])

  • Blog more.

  • Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

So that's it. Wish me luck <3 Good luck to all of you guys attempting some resolutions :)